Our mission is to provide exceptional accounting, tax and payroll services to our diverse client base to help them better manage their finances and staff compliment.
Our purpose as a company is to deliver high quality products both in appearance and content.
We will continue to be known as the company where personal attention will never become obsolete.
We endeavour to provide superior client service and building long-term client relationships.

We want to employ people who are extremely satisfied and who go the extra mile for clients.
We want a culture of growth, profitability and enthusiasm throughout the firm.
- be honest and confidential in all transactions and communications.
Our Values
- accurately complete all tasks never missing a deadline on a daily, weekly and monthly basis within the allocated timeframe.
- have clear channels of communication between staff and clients and an open-door policy.
- have a modern, clean, fragrant, spacious, functional, technologically advanced office.
Accounting and bookkeeping services:
⦁    Annual Financial Statements
⦁    Bookkeeping –
       cashbooks, general ledgers, debtors and creditors
       reconciliations (monthly, bi-monthly and annually)
⦁    Management accounts
⦁    Budgets and cashflows
⦁    Payroll services including Ufiling submissions
⦁    EMP501 reconciliations and tax certificates
⦁    VAT calculations and submissions
⦁    PAYE, SDL & UIF calculations and submissions
⦁    Workmens Compensation returns
⦁    UIF claims
Our Services
Income tax services:
⦁    Tax returns – individuals, close corporations and companies
⦁    Provisional tax returns
⦁    Dividend Withholding Tax returns
⦁    Capital Gains Tax
⦁    Tax planning and consulting
⦁    Queries, objections, and liaison with SARS
⦁    Tax and provisional tax registrations and deregistration’s
⦁    Tax clearance certificates
⦁    Tax directives
Company Statutory and Secretarial:
⦁    All company amendments
⦁    CIPC Annual returns
⦁    Registrations and deregistration’s of close corporations and
⦁    BEE letters confirming your turnover
⦁    Share Certificates and registers
⦁    New Pty Ltd registrations
⦁    Income tax registrations
⦁    PAYE, UIF and SDL registrations
⦁    VAT registrations
⦁    Workmens Compensation returns through Department of Labour
⦁    Workmens Compensation returns through FEM.


18 Taurus Street, Brackenfell,