Sage VIP Payroll & HR solutions

Sage VIP Payroll & HR Solutions - Link for more info

Sage VIP Payroll & HR Solutions

SARS take no prisoners when it comes to employment.

We are living in sensitive times regarding jobs, fair wage & sustainability of businesses.

The last thing your company needs is trouble regarding employees.

To grow your company – you need employees.

The solution is

1) A good employment contract.

2) A good payroll package.

For the latter – I highly recomend Sage VIP Payroll & HR Solutions.

They have a variety of payroll & HR products that will suit the startup with one employee or a manufacturing business with hundreds or even thousands.

Sage VIP are professional, helpful and user-friendly. I use VIP Liquid Online myself & I recomend that & the desktop packages to all my friends & clients.

Sage VIP packages are all fully complient with the latest SARS legislation

Follow the link below for further information

Sage VIP Payroll & HR Solutions - Link for more info

Sage VIP Payroll & HR Solutions

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Don’t you find it frustrating when you KNOW that something is possible – but you just don’t know how to do it?? I want to put a Newsletter signup into the mail I am sending to a specific list of people and having a blonde moment – I just don’t know how!! So thinking laterally […]

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Two Oceans Toastmasters


I am an avid Toastmaster & belong to THE best Toastmasters club! Two Oceans Toastmasters is in Fish Hoek and is a President’s Distinguished Toastmasters club in Cape Town, South Africa. Toastmasters is a fantastic way to overcome the fear of public speaking in whichever form you need to. As an employee engaging with colleagues, clients & suppliers or […]

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Public speaking: Stand Up & Speak Out

The old adage goes ” 90% of people fear death less than they fear public speaking, they would rather be IN the coffin than giving the eulogy!” Do you agree? Do you enjoy speaking up to a roomful of people or a hall full? Do most of your friends? Public speaking is a skill that […]

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Live without Fear

We are driven by two major forces, fear and desire. If we desire something, we will stop at nothing to get it. A slice of cake, an education, money. Or do we? Do we chase our desire with the intent that we would expect? I don’t believe we do. The easy things maybe, such as […]

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Productivity. How do we get there?

When you have a job, you have a job description and your productivity is measured in accordance to that description. When you are a business owner, there are so many things that need to be done. How do you best utilize your time to be the most productive you can be? Email and our smart […]

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Business is a game. Play to win.

Debby Blake-Satchel web3

Business is a game that we play. The problem is that we have forgotten that. We think that business is the meaning of life. It is why we get up in the morning & how we earn our money. Of course, money is a necessity in life & therefore business is a necessity & therefore […]

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A Business Coach. Do you need one?

It used to be that a coach was a big luxury bus, or a horse-drawn carriage, if you go back a bit further. Today it is a career choice to be a sports coach, a life coach, a business coach or even a laughter coach! A coach will work with an individual or a group […]

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Children & your Home Office

As a Pastel consultant for over 15 years, I have been into hundreds of offices & many of those where home offices. I have worked from my own home office for nearly 20 years. When I started I had a small baby. I thought that working from home would be ideal. I could work while […]

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How to claim Home Office Expenses

Having a home office is a great way to save. You save on rent as you are only paying for one property instead of two. You save on travel time & expenses. You save on tax – if you do it properly. The first criteria to claiming your home office as an expense, is the […]

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